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To empower a generation of fathers, who in turn will empower their families, to work collectively, responsibly, and effectively toward creating safe, sustainable, unified, and prosperous communities.

Learn about our diverse and dynamic group of partners doing great work and operating great businesses in the Philadelphia area.

Help us continue to support fathers, and their families, by donating what you can, when you can, and helping to strengthen black families and the communities in which they live.

Register for our (free to low-cost) Virtual Workshops where we teach anyone willing to learn how to use digital tools like Adobe Sparks, CANVA, WIX, WordPress, and others.

We also teach the basics around financial literacy & credit-repair... as well as sharing smart tips related to car buying, car repair, healthy eating, fitness, and more. 

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A Father's Promise

Source: National Fatherhood Initiative

Resources To Re-Entry

Opportunities For Growth

Skills to Succeed

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Investing In Your Future

Check-out this short clip of Mabari Byrd, Founder of Dear Black Fathers, and Ashley Fox, Founder of Empify, co-facilitating a dynamic investment workshop for local community members, the Saturday after Black Friday!

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