Click the link below to hear the interview with the Founder of Dear Black Fathers (DBF) Mabari Byrd, on Community Voice Radio Talk Show. Mabari shares what and who inspires him as a father, mentor, and community leader. 


Mabari also describes the moment he realized starting DBF is part of his calling to inspire black fathers/men, youth, and others to face their challenges head-on, grow from their experiences, and strive to make change for the betterment of their families, communities, and the world. 


Dear Black Fathers (DBF) is more than a fatherhood initiate or program. DBF is a  movement that looks to share and lift up a sacred message of inspiration and love to all fathers, especially black fathers, that encourages them to fully  embrace, prepare for, and enjoy the greatness of fatherhood.  

Although Dear Black Fathers was founded by one person, its messaging and community has grown significantly largely because of the genuine support by many other  fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, and everyday Philadelphia residents who share the same vision and values around wanting to help strengthen families and the communities in which they live.

Dear Black Fathers is about inspiring and empowering fathers to be self-aware, self-reliant, and self-actualized. Our focus is black fathers, but our hearts and minds are always centered on black families as a whole. It takes a village, and Dear Black Fathers understand that without the support of black mothers, sons, and daughters, we could not achieve our mission to make a positive impact on black families as whole.


That's why Dear Black Fathers support activities family friendly and create messaging that speaks to ALL members of a family household - single parent, two parent, blended families, and more. As we continue to learn and grow in this space, we will remain rooted in our cultural values and foundational principles around creating supportive and safe environments for black fathers to learn, thrive, support their communities and build legacies for their families. 


"Relationships are built at the speed of trust." - Mabari Byrd.