Open Donation Amounts

Sponsor A Father

Work closely with a Dear Black Fathers to identify and connect with a father who would greatly benefit from monetary investment toward supporting his parental, financial, and mental wellness. Our fathers are willing, ready, and able to grow. And with your direct support, they'll achieve their goals and create a stronger future for themselves and their families, that much quicker. Your donations will support fathers with receiving transportation, counseling, clothing, food, and training that will equip them with 21st century skills.

Sponsor A Workshop

Help us to help fathers, and their families, reach their full (collective) potential by sponsoring the cost for DBF to plan, design, and facilitate transformative workshops that provide fathers with essential information, resources, and tools to help them grow and flourish as leaders within their families and communities. Ask us about our virtual entrepreneurship training package!

Sponsor A Trip

A part of Dear Black Fathers approach to strengthening families is to help support, organize, and lead a variety of fun, educational, and transformative outings that connect fathers and their families to museums, historical sites, local and national parks, urban farms, amusement parks, and more. Your contribution will help provide well-rounded historic and cultural experiences that will create life-long memories and bonds for between our fathers and their families.