DJ Damage 

Abdul "DJ Damage" Quddas is a national radio syndicated DJ, host, and entrepreneur from Philadelphia, PA. Damage recently starred in the BET docuseries, "Arm-Chair A&R" and he currently co-hosts the Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored Podcast alongside Media Mogul, Jason Lee and business-woman and entrepreneur, Melyssa Ford. DJ Damage is also a proud black father of an amazing 7yr old boy named Legend. 


Omar Kennedy 

Omar Kennedy is a healthcare (essential employee) worker, husband, and proud black fathers of a beautiful and talented daughter named Khloe. Omar is also the founder of another Fatherhood Initiative and clothing-line called "Fatherhood Is Dope." Omar has been pushing a positive narrative around black fatherhood for quite some time, and he's on a mission to remind the world about the blessings and joys of being a father. 


Paul Johnson 

Paul Johnson is a multi-talented artists and growing entrepreneur. From photography to media design, Paul can get it done for you. Paul is also an experienced projects manager and currently works Outward Bound School their Facilities Manager. Paul is an advocate for at-risk youth, outdoors education, equal parenting rights, and a huge support of Dear Black Fathers. Paul is also a proud father of a laid-back 5 yr old son.