Mabari is a Philadelphia native who grew up in both the North Philadelphia and Germantown sections of the city. Unfortunately like so many young males living in the inner-city, he struggled to overcome the influence of street culture as a teenager and young adult and found himself living a lifestyle that took him and many of his close friends down a destructive path. After spending time in the criminal justice system as both a juvenile and adult, he was determined to make significant life changes after becoming a new father of a baby girl and determined to use his natural gifts and leadership abilities to do more for his family and community. Through self-determination, hard work, personal commitment, support of family and friends (old and new), and as he describes "the mercy of God," he set off on a life-changing journey of self-growth that many of his friends and family describe as transformational.

Fast forward years later, Mabari has worked to better communities in Philadelphia collaborating with local and national non-profits, community programs, private businesses, and volunteer groups to address issues related to mental health, youth violence prevention, reentry for returning citizens, and workforce development for undeserved populations. Mabari is passionate about fitness, holistic health, fatherhood, his cultural heritage. Mabari stays grounded through prayer, his family, and his commitment to constantly seek personal growth as an evolving man, striving Muslim, and father.