Mabari is a Philadelphia native, who is one of 7 children, splitting his childhood growing up in both the North Philadelphia and Germantown sections of the city. After years of struggling to overcome internal struggles as a youth and influence of street culture as a teenager and young adult, Mabari found himself living a lifestyle that took him, some of siblings, and many of his close friends down a destructive path. After spending time incarcerated as both a juvenile and adult, and becoming a new father of a newborn babygirl, he determined that his and her future was unquestionably worth making significant life changes he desperately needed to turn his life around in a more positive direcion. Through self-determination, hard work, personal commitment, support of family and friends (old and new), and as he describes "the mercy of God," he set off on a life-changing journey of self-growth that many of his friends and family describe as transformational.

Fast forward to now, over a decade later, Mabari has a diverse background in the fields of behavioral health, education, youth development, program design, and social justice and environmental advocacy. He’s traveled across the country sharing his story and speaking for the underrepresented to bring awareness to the socioeconomic and environmental injustices disproportionately impacting underserved communities. He’s spent time in the classroom educating youth, leading and mentoring AmeriCorps crews, working on local and national campaigns for social and environmental causes, serving children and adults with special needs, working to reduce barriers for returning citizens, and coaching youth sports. Mabari values genuine partnerships culturally competent approaches to helping others, and is passionate about inspiring younger generations to not be afraid of taking calculated-risks, leading with courage, and remaining true to ones-self in all aspects of life. Mabari stays grounded through prayer, volunteering, and his commitment to constantly seek personal growth as an evolving man, striving Muslim, and proud Girldad.