Learn skills, techniques, and strategies to become a community global/digital entrepreneur with our partners at IMPACTT Entrepreneurship 



Learn how to invest the right way using the latest investment tools and strategies from our partners over at EMPIFY 

Get professional business advice and from our partners over at Common Ground Management 

Our goal is to be a resource center for businesses, from start to finish. If you need it, it’s in our network.

Need help fleshing out the idea that’s been burning in your heart for years? LA Multimedia can help you bring that “dream-baby” to life!  

Whether you need someone to help edit your video, produce a promotional advertisement for your business, or help you edit that novel or resume, we are here to help!

A weekly talk show where we highlight inspiring stories of people of color in Philadelphia and South Jersey and how they're making a difference in the city.

Community Voice Radio is a talk show that highlights all the amazing work that people of color are doing to make a difference in the world. This is a show that will inform, engage and inspire!

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